Gun oil RZh

RZh Gun oil TU 38.1011315-90

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Gun oil RZh is all-weather, universal weapon lubricant for clearing, greasing and preservation of metal surfaces. High-quality raw components and the balanced structure of the given gun oil are a basis of its efficiency and unique characteristics:

  • Does not freeze to -60°C that allows to trouble-free reliable work of arms mechanism.
  • Does not enter reaction with pollution, does not form adjournment.
  • Does not destroy a tree-parts, plastic, rubber and varnish cover.
  • Gets into the smallest defects and keeps surfaces the smooth.
  • Deletes the rests of gunpowder, dissolves pitch and poor-quality oils.
  • Clears and protects mechanisms, returns initial cleanliness to trenches and surfaces.
  • Provides long protection against a rust under adverse weather conditions.
  • Enveloping threw the most thin film, reliably protects from pernicious influence of a moisture for a long time.

It is applied to greasing and preservation of all kinds of small arms: cut, smooth-bore and pneumatic, in particular for following guns: АК-47, АК-74, АКМ, Kalashnikov's automatic machines of advanced versions АК-101, АК-102, AK - 103 and АК-104 calibres of 5,56 and 7,62 mm, sniper rifles of system Dragunova SVD.

Gun oil RZh Specifications

Index nameNorm
Kinematic viscosity, mm2/с (cSt):  
at 50°С, not less 6,0
at minus 50°С, less 1500
Pour point, °C, max. -60
Corrosive effect on metals Maintains
Water content Absent
Mass content of mechanical impurities, %, max. 0,05

Gun oil RZh is ashless as contains in its composition special, unique polymer from aviation industry VINIPOL, in exchange Li, K, Ca and others metal-containing thickeners applied in manufacture of greases of a series of Tsiatim, Litol, the Shrus, etc. So, for example, popular among hunters gun oil Ballistol contains Kalium oleat, forming ashes at natural burning out of oil while in service.

Gun oil RZh without fail is tested on protection against corrosive attack to metals.

It is made on the basis of the Admission of the Interdepartmental commission on the admission to manufacture and application fuels, oils, greases and special liquids that is the basis for Legitimate release of lubricants.

Marking, packing

We are ready to offer you gun oil RZh in 216,5 litres bulks and in the cans of 1 (one) and 20 litres equipped with a polymeric cover of "Berikap".

Safety requirements

Gun oil RZH is not danger a product and on influence degree on an organism according to GOST 12.1.007-76 and concerns to the lowest 4 class. Maximum permissible concentration of steams of hydrocarbons in air of a working zone of 300 mg/m3. Gun oil RZh is a combustible product with flash temperature not less 30°C and temperature of spontaneous ignition 220°C. RZh gun oil is an inflammable product with the flash point of min. 30°C and the self-ignition point of 220°C.

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