Special fluids

  • PGV hydraulic fluid is used as a hydraulic fluid in hydraulic systems.
  • Arktica antiicing aircraft fluid is used for ground prelaunch treatment of aircrafts’ chassis in low temperatures to provide a safe takeoff.
  • Hydrophobic Liquid 136 41 - designed to impart hydrophobic properties to various materials and products. The density of the liquid at 20°C is 0.995 - 1.003 g/cm3. The solidification temperature is below minus 60°C.
  • NEFRAS C 50/170 - intended for industrial and technical purposes. Colorless, transparent, slightly oily liquid, with a characteristic smell of petroleum products.
  • ADE-3 - It is used as an active hardening agent for silicone and organic resins, as well as for silicone rubbers and caoutchoucs.
  • Arctica DG deicing fluid, Type I - специализированная жидкость, предназначенная для удаления и краткосрочного предохранения снежно-ледяных образований с наружных поверхностей воздушных судов гражданской авиации.

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