Grease 158

All metal mechanisms experience friction in operation and eventually fail because of this. While heated up in operation, metal products lose their declared physical characteristics, which affects in a negative way the entire structure with the result that the mechanism fails. Grease 158 is made of components based upon high-quality petroleum and the potassium-lithium soap that is used as a thickener and that also has high quality characteristics. This is necessary because of various operating conditions of this product.

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Grease 158 advantages and applications

Because of its high mechanical stability, Grease 158 excellently resists oxidation in corrosive media and does not break down in interaction with water thus preventing wear of metal parts in mechanisms. With its high sliding characteristics on parts in friction, Grease 158 has a relatively wide range of operating temperatures from -30 to +110 °C. After being applied to the working surfaces, the grease retains its properties for a long time and does not leak out over the parts, thus providing protection from premature wear in the course of operation. One of the important advantages is the low price of the grease, which makes it one of the most widespread in its market segment. The largest application for Grease 158 is in electrical equipment of automobiles and tractors. When used in generators, starters and magnetos, the grease perfectly protects them from wear and retains its properties for a number of years without replacement to prevent rolling bearings from wear. This advantage allows the automotive and tractor equipment assemblies and mechanisms to operate for a long time without re-greasing. Keeping within the Grease 158 operation conditions enables failure-free operation of automotive mechanisms for mileage of 300 km.

Characteristics of Grease 158


Acceptance limits

Testing methods

Appearance and color

Homogeneous grease, blue to dark blue in color


Ultimate strength at 50 °C, gf/cm2, at least


GOST 7143-73

Colloidal stability, % of released oil, not more than


GOST 7142-74

Effective viscosity at 0 °C and a mean strain rate gradient of 10 s-1, not more than


GOST 7163-63

Free alkali content in terms of NaOH %, not more than


GOST 6707-76 with mod. per It. 3.2 of this TU

Steel 45 or steel 50 strip corrosion test /GOST 1050-74/


GOST 5757-67

Water content, not more than


GOST 2477-65

Dropping point, °C, at least


GOST 6798-74

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Packaging options for the Grease 158 grease

Grease 158 manufactured by Simex-Chem is delivered to a Customer’s address in large and small volumes all over Russia and CIS countries. Upon the agreement with the Customer, it is possible to use containers of different capacity, including steel drums.

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Grease 158 has a soft, paste-like texture, and its color is light blue to dark blue. This color comes from copper in the grease composition. In the grease composition, the copper is a thickener. The grease is used as antifriction lubricant in automotive equipment. By its characteristics, the grease is similar to its counterparts in the same market segment. Its color changes from light blue to dark blue depending on the amount of copper in the thickener. Potassium-lithium compounds are used as soap; the soap has NLGI consistency number 1–2. The base for making the grease is a mineral oil that has a homogeneous structure and does not get separated into components. The Grease 158 ultimate strength at 50 °C is at least 160 Pa, with an effective viscosity at 0 °C and at an average strain rate gradient of 10 s-1 being less than 400 Pa·s. The grease also contains a mass fraction of free alkali below 0.1% in terms of NaOH. Grease 158 contains a small amount of water. This fact does not have any negative effect upon metal parts in mechanisms.

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