VNIINP 281 cold-resistant grease

Price of the VNIINP 281 cold-resistant grease

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VNIINP 281 description and characteristics

CharacteristicsAcceptance limit
Appearance Soft grease, light brown to dark brown in color
Dropping point, °C, at least 200
Viscosity measured on a capillary viscometer, Pa·s, at minus 50 °C and at a mean strain rate gradient of 10 s-1, not more than 1500
Shear strength at 50 °C, Pa, within 200-500
Colloidal stability, % of released oil, not more than 15,0
Evaporability at 120 °C in 3 hours, %, not more than 8,5
Water content Zero
Corrosion test Withstands

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Because VNIINP 281 is manufactured on the basis of a mixture of synthetic hydrocarbon oils, it has good low-temperature properties, low evaporability and a weak impact on rubber parts. Thickening it with complex sodium soap provides VNIINP 281 with good lubricating properties; however, it reduces water resistance. Due to the narrow scope of application and the high cost of individual input components, it is produced in limited quantities.

VNIINP 281 scope of application

This highly specialized cold-resistant grease is intended for aggregate bearings of some planes (like IL-62). It is recommended for use in a temperature range from - 60 to 120 °C. In appearance, it is a low-grain, dark brown, almost black grease with a specific smell of burnt oil. 

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