SM-9 oil mix

SM-9 oil mix, TU 0253-001-49878493-2005 mod. 1–13

The SM-9 oil mix is intended for use in helicopter gearbox transmissions during the wintertime. Helicopter gearboxes are used to change the torque direction. As the input shaft rotates, its rotation speed does not change because identical gears are used. The shaft power changes due to friction losses; the rotational energy is converted into heat. Oil mixes, including the SM-9 oil mix, are used to lubricate propeller hinges, axle hinges, helicopter propeller bushings in operation both in winter and in summer. There are also off-season oil mixes with an operating temperature range from -50 to +60 °C. They are used as synthetic oil for a gearbox in the MI-2 and MI-8 helicopters and in the main gearbox of the heavy MI-26 helicopter.

Price of the SM-9 oil mix

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Characteristics of the SM-9 oil mix

CharacteristicsDescription and acceptance limit
  The acceptance limit is per TU 0253-001-49878493 mod. 1–13 Test result Testing method
Kinematic viscosity, mm2/s, at 100 °C 9,0 - 11,0 10,07 GOST 33
Pour point, °C

not higher than minus 40

minus 40

GOST 20287 (method B)

Open cup flash point, °C at least 93 132 GOST 4333
Water mass fraction, % zero zero GOST 6370
Mass fraction of mechanical impurities, %

not more than 0,07


GOST 6370

Density at 20 °C, g/cm3

at least 0,870 0,926 GOST 3900

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Oil packaging options

The SM-9 oil mix is packaged in 15-kg net-weight cans.

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Manufacturer’s warranty obligations

The guaranteed shelf life of the SM-9 oil mix is 5 years from the manufacturing date.

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