KA-7.5 aviation oil

The new KA-7.5 engine oil was developed in close cooperation with the leading institute—Federal Autonomous Institution “Chemmotology State Research Institute 25 of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation”.

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Characteristics of the KA-7.5 oil


Description and acceptance limit

Kinematic viscosity
- at 100 °C, at least
- at minus 40 °C, not more than




Температура застывания,  °С, не выше


Температура вспышки в открытом тигле, °С, не ниже



Испаряемость при 175°С, %, не выше


Стабильность вязкости после озвучивания на УЗДН-2Т в течение 15 мин, %, не более



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The development of the KA-7.5 oil took into account the entire operating experience with the MN-7.5u oil, as well as with the non-Russian Castrol-98 and Turbonycoil-98 oils. As a result, the KA-7.5 oil provides starting and reliable operation of aircraft engines at temperatures from minus 40 °C to 50 °C without any preheaters. For military equipment, it ensures that the equipment be promptly rendered combat ready; for civilian equipment, it ensures that maintenance costs be reduced. At the same time, unlike the previously developed MN-7.5u, it has favorable characteristics and, according to GOST 12.1.007, it conforms to Hazard Class 4.

In the course of putting the oil into production, a full range of qualification testing, bench testing on a full-size engine for 2,500 hours and inspection flight testing on aircraft were performed. On the basis of the positive results, the KA-7.5 aviation oil was approved for use in military aviation equipment. In 2013, the first oil was delivered to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Following the research and operational test results, it was recommended to use the KA-7.5 as the main oil grade to replace the MN-7.5u oil for operation in turboprop and turbofan aircraft engines.

By its characteristics, the KA-7.5 oil can be used in turboshaft engines and helicopter gearboxes as a replacement for the B-3V oil and LZ-240 oil (or as a replacement for the non-Russian Turbonycoil-98).

Oil packaging options

The KA-7.5 oil is packaged in 15-kg net-weight cans.

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Manufacturer’s warranty obligations

The guaranteed shelf life of the KA-7.5 oil is 5 years from the manufacturing date.

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