SM 50/50 oil mix

SM 50/50 oil mix TU 0253-001-49878493-2005

The SM 50/50 oil mix is a mixture of the AMG-10 oil and the TSgip oil in a 50/50 proportion by volume. The SM 50/50 oil mix is used for all-season lubrication of helicopter propeller hinges and transmission in intermediate and tail gearboxes of the MI-6, MI-6A, MI-8 and MI-10K helicopters. While these oils are being mixed, their temperature should be greater than 15 °C.

The SM 50/50 oil mix is manufactured as follows: a tank is filled with the AMG-10 working fluid, then TSgip is added, whereupon the oils are mechanically mixed while being heated to 50 °C. After mixing is done, quality inspections are performed.

Price of the SM 50/50 oil mix

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Characteristics of the SM 50/50 oil mix, TU 0253-001-49878493-2005 mod. 1–13


Acceptance limit

- kinematic viscosity, mm2/s at 100°C

from 6.5 to 8.0

Pour point, °C, not higher than

not higher than

Open cup flash point, °C, at least


Viscosity index, at least


Mass fraction of mechanical impurities, not more than


Tribological characteristics determined in a four-ball wear test at an ambient temperature:


- diameter of the wear spot (Di) at an axial load of 392 N (40 kgf), mm

not more than 0,76

- critical load (Rk), N (kgf)

not more than 0,76

- welding load (Рsv), N (kgf)

at least 816 (80)

- lubricating properties in a four-ball wear test:

at least 2323 (237) 

- load-wear index, (Iz), N (kgf)

at least 506 (51,6)

Density at 20 °C, g/cm3

at least 0,870

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The SM 50/50 oil mix advantages and applications

In a piston engine, the oils in use operate under the critical conditions at high temperatures in the piston rings, in the internal portions of the piston, valves and other moving parts. To lubricate the engine under such conditions (with high pressure, high temperature and other loads), a product is to be used that has a high viscosity index and that is specially cleaned of impurities. The SM 50/50 oil mix for such applications should have a high lubricating factor, it should not get corrosive to structural parts, should be stable against oxidation reactions at a high temperature.

Packaging options for the SM 50/50 oil mix

The SM 50/50 oil mix is delivered to a Customer’s address in 15.0-kg net-weight cans. Also, upon the agreement with the Customer, larger or smaller capacity containers may be used.

SM 50/50 oil mixSM 50/50 oil mix

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