Hydrophobic Liquid 136 41

136 41 Hydrophobic Liquid GOST 10834-76

Hydrophobic Liquid 136 41 is designed to impart hydrophobic properties to various materials and products. The Liquid density at 20°C is 0.995–1.003 g/cm3. The pour point is below minus 60°C. Liquid 136 41 is usually used to create hydrophobic properties for individual materials in manufacturing, construction and household applications. The Liquid density at 20°C is 0.995–1.003 g/cm3. The pour point is below minus 60°C. To the surface that it is applied to, Liquid 136 41 imparts water-repellent properties. This composition significantly increases the material resistance against moisture, improves the technical characteristics of grease.

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Characteristics of hydrophobic Liquid 136 41, GOST 10834-76


Acceptance limits per GOST

Actual value


A colorless or yellowish liquid without any mechanical impurities. Slight opalescence is allowed.


Active hydrogen mass fraction, %



Kinematic viscosity at 205 °C, cSt



Medium reaction (pH of the water extract)



Hydrophobizing ability, h, at least



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The unique feature of Liquid 136 41 is that it has the best hydrophobic properties compared to other materials at the Russian market. Liquid 136 41 is used not only in industry and construction, but also in medicine. Ethyl constituents in Liquid 136 41 enable the Liquid to be applied to different materials. These materials can be used for food storage and medical devices and medications. As a rule Liquid 136 41 is a colorless or light yellow liquid. The Liquid 136 41 action starts in three hours after its application. Active hydrogen in Liquid 136 41 enables the Liquid to readily enter chemical reactions with atoms of various substances. This contributes to a more stable Liquid layer on surfaces and to a long-lasting hydrophobic effect of the surfaces. Liquid 136 41 is used to prepare aqueous emulsions as it is readily soluble in water. Hydrophobic Liquid 136 41 is almost colorless, and it does not affect the appearance of the surface that it is applied to.

Packaging options for hydrophobic Liquid 136 41

Hydrophobic Liquid 136 41 is supplied to a Customer’s address in 20-kg plastic bottles. Also, upon the agreement with the Customer, larger or smaller capacity containers may be used.

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