Arctica DG deicing fluid, Type I

Deicing Fluid, Arctica DG Type I TU 2422-003-26759308-2005

Arctica DG is a 65% diethylene glycol aqueous solution. In its composition, Arctica DG has surface-active substances and a number of anticorrosive additives that improve its properties.

Price of the Arctica DG deicing fluid

To learn about the price of the Arctica DG deicing fluid, please call +7 (831) 435-17-70. Our sales persons will advise you on delivery conditions and payment options. Arctica DG is made of Russian components in compliance with TU 2422-003-26759308-2005, with modifications 1, 2. It pertains to the Type One fluids (Type I).

Arctica DG for aviation equipment is a ~65% diethylene glycol aqueous solution with a variety of anticorrosive additives and surface-active substances (surfactants) facilitating the wettability of treated surfaces.

Scope of application and features

Arctica DG, Type I is intended for the ground treatment of aircraft airframes at low temperatures to significantly reduce icing and to ensure safe takeoffs. Arctica DG is used both for high-speed jet aircraft in civil aviation and for low-speed aircraft of a transitional category.
Compared to the earlier developed standard Arctica deicing fluid, Arctica DG, Type I has operational and technical advantages:
- Arctica DG can be used both undiluted and diluted with water in different proportions (like 50/50, 75/25), which allows a more economical use of the material;
- Arctica DG has a wider operating temperature range and a low crystallization temperature;
- Arctica DG more effectively deices and prevents icing.
Arctica DG, Type I is included in the international register of deicing fluids. Arctica DG, Type I was certified and approved for use on aircraft of all types, approved by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and by Transport Canada. The fluid is ready for use to do the aircraft treatment, including for non-Russian aircraft.

Packaging options for Arctica DG

Arctica DG, Type I is supplied to a Customer’s address in 216.5-liter steel drums. Also, upon the agreement with the Customer, larger or smaller capacity containers may be used.

Arctica DG deicing fluid, Type I

Manufacturer’s warranty obligations

The guaranteed shelf life of the Arctica DG deicing fluid is 2 years from the manufacturing date. If the fluid is used for the second season, it must be inspected for compliance with the specifications before use.

Characteristics of the Arctica DG deicing liquid, Type I in compliance with TU


Acceptance limit


The fluid shall be homogeneous, uniform in color and free of films, flakes and foreign materials harmful to the use of the product. Color: orange

Hydrogen ion exponent (pH), within


Density, g/cm3, at 20 °C


Surface tension, mN/m, not higher than


Crystallization temperature, °C, not higher than


Mass fraction of the anticorrosive additive, %, within


Refractive index at 20 °C


Kinematic viscosity at 20 °C, mm2/s, at least


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