VM-1S vacuum oil

VM-1S vacuum oil. The continuously expanding vacuum applications are demanding that special vacuum oils be developed and manufactured to definite requirements. For different types of equipment, only type-specific vacuum oils should be used, because the vacuum quality depends on this.

Price of the VM-1S oil

To learn about the price of the VM-1S vacuum oil, please call +7 (831) 435-17-70. Our sales persons will advise you on delivery conditions and payment options. The VM-1S oil is used as a working fluid in high-vacuum oil-vapor pumps and oil-sealed mechanical vacuum pumps.

VM-1S characteristics per TU


Acceptance limit

Density at 20 °C, kg/cm3, not more than


ASTM color, not more than




Kinematic viscosity at 50 °C, mm2/s, at least


Open cup flash point, °C, at least


Mass fraction of mechanical impurities, %, not more than


Water content


Water soluble acid and alkali content


Ash mass fraction,%, not more than


Vapor pressure at 20 °C, Pa (mmHg), not higher than

5.3×10-6 (4.0×10-8)

Boiling point at the 1.33 Pa vapor pressure, (1.10×10-2 mmHg),°C



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Packaging options

The VM-1 oil is delivered to a Customer’s address in 15.0-kg net-weight 18-liter tin cans. Upon the agreement with the Customer, 216.5-liter steel drums or small plastic containers may be used.

Vacuum oil VM-1SVacuum oil VM-1S

Manufacturer’s warranty obligations

The guaranteed shelf life of the VM-1S oil is 5 years from the manufacturing date.

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